How To Start A Successful Blog

I’ll show you how to start a successful blog (professional) in four easy steps. If you can surf the Internet, you will be able to do it. Do not be afraid if you’ve never done before, or feel that is technically difficult to do –just believe because you can do it. Because while there is no right way to start a blog there are more effective ways to start a blog than the usual tactics you see. In this post you’re going to get a complete walk through of how to make a successful blog focusing on the most effective methods of getting your blog off the ground and setting yourself up for long term success.

1. Choosing A Niche

Finding a niche can be overwhelming at first because there really are blogs in any niche. We do not intend to be first. However, if you look, you see that there are gaps to be filled. Find a need and fill that need Select niche (thematic) do you know about that so much. The niche you are passionate about something (I believe that passion is a key success factor, passion keeps motivated, passion stops you from resignation passion and helps to keep us interested in learning and develop their skill sets within the niche.). You do not even need to be an expert on the blog! You can even blog about the things you hate as long as you are passionate about. Some blogs are “how-to” tutorials, some of the video, pictures, music and gadgets, as well as their contents. Most blogs are non-fiction, and “how to” blogs. Blogging about something you know a lot about love and encourage regular updates.

2. Platform Selection

When we say that the platform refers to the program you use to design your own blog, compose your posts and publish everything on the Internet. Some of the platforms are difficult. They require knowledge of coding, but this is not the case of WordPress (The platform is totally free). WordPress is a platform premiere of websites and blogs. It has more than 74.6 million sites and counting. More than 18.9% on Internet websites are powered by the program. WordPress is easy for beginners and advanced users to access and use it without too much trouble. It also has unique features such as add-on’s and themes that make it easy to customize the elements and functions.

3. Your Domain Name

The term “domain” refers to a specific URL or website that points to your website. For example, Domains are only to be renewed every year, and they are $20 or more for the extension but you can get it from us for just $16/year. You have the perfect domain name you want to use for your new blog and are ready to register it, protecting and securing it needs to be a top priority so register your domain name with us.

4. Hosting Service

The last piece of the puzzle is your hosting. The easiest way to describe it, to use another analogy: commerce (websites or other data) on the server or another computer, so you can access it via the Internet. You pay a monthly fee for maintenance, but it is not expensive, if you know what you are looking for (more on this in a moment). This fee pays for space and bandwidth your website using on the server. These servers are a great place called data center. You will more than likely never see the server your website is hosted on, but is working hard to make a website up and running. If you look at the hosting service, you will find that there are many options. I recommend using our hosting plan. 3 Aliens Web Hosting offers a fantastic hosting plan which are Silver Package ($3.16/Month) , Gold Package ($7.16/Month) and Platinum Package ($17.56/Month), using SSD which can read data faster that standard HDD with great features:
  • Hosting Features
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  • Web Based cPanel
  • Easy to Use
  • Multi Language Support
  • Softaculous Script Installer (1-click Installation of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.)
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